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Get the train, you wont regret it. Think of all the fun you'll have wii'ing.

Get the next train!!! I am not a games console buff, but the wii is awsome!!!!


I got a call from Virgin this morning telling me my wii is finally in. This should be course for celebration I know, except for a few things

The Wii is in York
I'm in Wales
If I don't pick it up today I lose the pre-order
A train ticket costs 40

What do I do?

Manchester was a laugh, went to a gay bar hehehe but is was good, what do you mean dan, "leaving up"?

Hey guys, how did manc go?
soz I wasn't their - was panto-ing

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Weebls Stuff
Hello to anyone who got here through Weebls Stuff. As you may be able to see this site fell into some disrepair a while ago. As there are now people coming here I thought I'd just say hi to you all, and ask you to watch out for any broken things!
Posted by Martyn on 1st April 2007

New Hosts!
Lets hope this'll be the end to all that downtime.
Posted by Martyn on 28th November 2006

Get Drunk, all on QA!
Dan has made this rather marvelous drinking game for all you alcoholics out there.

Posted by Martyn on 22nd January 2006

We're back! New poll!
As you can see we appear to be back after our little bit of down time, and with a new poll! There are still a few niggles that need to be sorted (notably that nothing works) but I'll be sorting them soon, although maybe not too soon because I'll be revising, so really if this gets fixed within the next week I've been neglecting revision as normal and really the fact that this sentance is so long is that I know as soon as I stop I'll have to do revision, anywho, I wish you all a good 2006 and did everyone get snow this last week, we did and it was very plea.......
Posted by Martyn on 1st January 2006

OMW! OMW! OMW! New poll!
Posted by Martyn and Dan on 1st December 2005

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